Strong 6061 aluminum construction with 1.5mm thick walls that have been heat-treated to remove stress and improve durability

Rectangular silhouette with angled edges for extra strength and style

All components are pre-finished to be defect-free before assembly with stainless and aluminum rivets

Innovative stainless steel latch/hinge system that accepts optional tumbler-style key inserts or conventional padlocks for cargo security

Composite material top corner bumpers offer lash-down and accessory mounting points

The bottom corner bumpers have a special shape to reduce the chance of the luggage getting snagged on obstacles

Lids have an internal gasket and lip system, along with hardy sealant applied during wall construction, to make each bag a protective capsule from the elements

Each case comes with a lid organizer

Mounts easily to the Expedition side case mounts (sold separately) or other brand foundations

Choose either a traditional silver or black powder-coated finish

A variety of accessories are available; storage cubes, liners, lid organizers and carrying straps

Three sizes and capacities available so you can match your luggage to your bike and mission

Small case measures 17.8\" L x 10.6\" W x 15.4\" H; weighs 10.2 lb. and holds 34 liters

Medium case measures 17.8\" L x 11.4\" W x 15.4\" H; weighs 10.3 lb. and holds 40 liters

Large case measures 17.8\" L x 12.6\" W x 15.4\" H; weighs 10.4 lb. and holds 46 liters

3501-0921 3501-0923 3501-0924
3501-0925 3501-0926


Item Part# Price  
Small - Black 3501-0921 $389.95
Small - Silver 3501-0922 $389.95
Medium - Black 3501-0923 $399.95
Medium - Silver 3501-0924 $399.95
Large - Black
3501-0925 $409.95
Large - Silver 3501-0926 $409.95


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