*NOTE: Brake Lines shown without fittings, purchased as fully assembled

Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
Manufactured by Galfer for the Studebaker Corporation

  • Increase your KLR650's braking power!

    Galfer Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines with coating:

    • Galfer braided brake lines are made of an outer mesh of braided cable, an inner Teflon tube and a PVC/Hytrel coating over the full length of the line, to protect the bike from scratches and the brake fluid from the weather.
    • Factory assembled for correct fit and reliability.
    • PTFE 62 Teflon liner creates zero expansion effect translating into a stronger, more progressive brake action
    • Includes banjo bolts and washers (Torque to 12-15 ft. lbs.)

    Brake Lines come fully assembled with fittings on each end


Fits 2008-2014 KLR650's

REAR Brake Line

$ 54.81
FRONT Brake Line

$ 74.95

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