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Foot Pegs and Bolt Upgrade Kit

Works with all KLR650s

Stainless Steel Footpegs - KLR650.com Foot Pegs with Bolt Upgrade
Price $69.95

Foot Pegs and Bolt Upgrade Kit

As soon as you go through mud, water, or even dust your feet instantly start to slip with the stock rubber pegs that the KLR is equipped with. Replace those CHEESY rubber pegs for some real grip! Manufactured by one of the following: IMS, Moose, Sunline or Studebaker.

  • Recommended by Team Squirrel Off-Road!
  • Stainless steel
  • No welds to crack
  • Wider than stock
Free Bolt Upgrade Kit is included with foot pegs
Foot Pegs w/ FREE Bolt Upgrade Kit

Bolt Upgrade Kit

Works with all KLR650s

Peg Bolt Upgrade Kit - KLR650.com Bolt Upgrade Kit
Price $8.35

Peg Bolt Upgrade Kit
  • A must on the KLR to replace the soft stock peg bolts
  • Recommended if changing to IMS pegs
  • Bolt upgrade kit comes free if you order IMS Foot Pegs!!
Peg Bolt Upgrade Kit

Foot Peg Lowering Brackets

Works with all KLR650s
Click on image to enlarge Footpeg lowering bracket - KLR650.com Footpeg Lowering Brackets
Price $24.11

Foot Peg Lowering Brackets
  • Easily lower the footpegs 2 inches.
  • Step 1
    • If your KL650 is equipped with a centerstand remove 1 foot peg bracket at a time.
  • Step 2
    • Mount the square plate to frame so that threaded holes of the square block are on bottom. Using the supplied flat head cap screws mount plate to the frame. Apply anti-seize to the threads of these bolts.
  • Step 3
    • Fasten the foot peg holder to the lower holes in the square plate using the stock bolts removed in Step 1.
Foot Peg Lowering Brackets